Our security wallcovering are a protection against injuries  MAWITEX

security wallcovering

gymnasiums, kindergardens,
therapie rooms, event halls

designs and arrangements              

designs and arrangements


indoor playgrounds

example of hall insulation

MAWI - example of design

sound reduction

MAWITEX - description of product

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MAWITEX Tex is not only useful for new built complexes but also for additional installation in already existing facilities.

Injuries caused by collisions against the wall are being avoided by installation of our materials. Fingertips, hands and knees are being well protected.

designs and arrangements
With our materials various designs and arrangements can be made to grand a positive and pleasant feeling.

fire protection
According to German regulations concerning gymnasiums in which public events take place there has to be installed a wall padding with a low combustibility rate. 
MAWITEX is the first manufacturer of point elastic anti shock material according to the standards of the so called B1 (low combustibility rate). 

sound reduction
The textile top material provides an essential reduction of sound.

Costs of heating the facilities can be reduced. Our materials are energy-saving.

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