Our experience - your advantage

As Europe's leading companiy with over 25 years experience in manufacturing and distribution of anti-shock protection systems for gymnasiums, MAWI®TEX offers to its international customers the best service at point elastic safety wall coverings.

With certified products "made in Germany", also in insulation and acoustic construction, we guarantee products individually designed to the highest standards, coupled with continuous drive to optimize our products.

MAWI®TEX stands for: competence, flexibility, innovation

MAWI®TEX anti-shock systems have been installed in about 5.000 gymnasiums and
protection against injuries. Various designs and arrangements grant a well being atmosphere.

MAWI - example of design with anti-shock system

We are a leading company in point elastic wall coverings

MAWI - example of design
We support our customers with our know-how and skill.
We concentrate on the production and development of high quality
products and services.

MAWI - example of design with success - and of course with examination certificates!

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