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MAWI®TEX - Impact protection in panel form and sheets

We manufacture all MAWI®TEX impact protection systems in roll form (sheets) or as panels in various widths. Panels are always laminated at the long edges at the factory and can be provided with a head and/or foot lamination as required for a clean finish. For simplified processing on site, we offer our MAWI®TEX cutting tool as an accessory. Various upper materials and many colors are available as standard. Please refer to the corresponding sample cards for these and the possible dimensions. Special colors and dimensions are possible depending on the order quantity, simply send us your request.

MAWI®TEX can be bonded to any solid, dry substrate using solvent-free adhesive in accordance with the installation instructions.

The approx. 15 mm thick, homogeneous cushioning layer made of PE foam from CFC-free production is bonded to the textile upper material at the factory using flame lamination.

The textile upper material achieves a significant reduction in reverberation times.

Hygienically safe, in accordance with the letter from the Hygiene Institute of the University of Düsseldorf.

All colors, upper materials, possible dimensions and technical data can be found in the following data sheets: